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If you think you need professional help to start off well in a sport, here are the instructions. Look for the label column and click the sport. You should find the list of names you are looking for. If you have any difficulty finding a coach, kindly contact me at Kindly let us know if the details listed here are inaccurate. We will get it rectified as soon as possible.

A good Coach! - according to the author

These are some of the attributes:
1. Previous experience in competition & coaching
2. Interest in coaching (depends on age group, athlete requirement)
3. Systematic and goal-orientated
4. Able to communicate effectively
5. Routinely review progress of athletes
6. Willing to go for courses to upgrade knowledge and skill
7. Applies principles of injury prevention

Let the coach know your expectations and good luck!

Friday, 11 September 2009


Name: Adeline Phan
Sports: Wushu - Taichi
Mobile contact: 012-285 1818
Email contact:
Experience: Over 18 years of learning, practising and competing in international championships.
Specialty: Taichi for all age groups; Exercise without straining your body; Strengthen joints and to tone up thighs; Improves body posture and keeps you calm and at peace.

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  1. may i know where are you teaching any one near to country height kajang..or bukit jalil